4 Christmas Gift Ideas

4 Christmas Gift Ideas that bring the family together


It is that time of the year, when everyone is looking for the perfect Christmas gifts to lay under the Christmas tree. But, it’s not just about the gifts, is it? It’s about making some great memories with your children which they will always cherish. Hence, it’s important to look at gifts which will help nurture their creativity while spending quality family time. Take some time off your busy schedules and leave your gadgets behind to create meaningful memories. 

Fueling creativity and supporting children’s creativity is very important. With the intensity of the school schedule and wanting to stay on top of the class, most children might lose out on holistic development opportunities. This holiday season is the perfect time for you to support your children’s creativity and help them make meaningful connections.

We have put together 4 Christmas Gift ideas for you!

This is not just about the holidays, it is about coming together and it’s also about creating and making memories. Here are some activities to promote creativity as a family.


Baking or Cooking – Holiday Seasons, that time of the year, where kids and adults can work together and build long lasting bonds. Find some matching aprons, and have a crack at cooking something delicious together! Our dish of choice? The humble Margherita Pizza. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s a whole lot of tasty in every bite. Here is a great recipe by Slurp Studio for you to try! 

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PS: You can also book a session at Slurpstudio for an all new experience. Check out their insta page for more details. https://instagram.com/slurp.studio


Puzzle/ Game Night – Come together as a family to make a puzzle or try this super cute Wobbly Santa game we found for you. This is a game of skills! It helps develop balance, coordination and cooperation. You and your kids will love this unique fun approach to help Santa balance so many gifts! Available on Toy Room’s website. Here is the link. https://www.toyroom.in/products/wobbly-wooden-balancing-santa-game

Christmas Gift Ideas


Board Game – Board games are a great investment as they can be played over and over. We found the perfect board game by Sassy Art Corner. It’s a Harry Potter themed game, similar to Ludo but with spell cards that give magical powers to the players. 16 hand painted characters from harry potter series divided into 4 groups. So much fun! Get this board game on their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/sassyartcorner/.

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Nativity Scene – The Talking Canvas’s Christmas Nativity Kit is a great product to bring the entire family together to create a unique and personalized Christmas Nativity Scene. This Christmas DIY kit comes with peg dolls, a manger, a wooden house, fabric swatches to make dresses for the people and paints to paint them the way you like! It will be so much fun and totally great for your Christmas décor. 

4 Christmas Gift Ideas

Holiday season is all about love, joy, family and giving. While you consider some of these gifts for your own home, don’t forget to gift them to your extended family and friends or those who are not privileged enough. Use these Christmas gifts to make Christmas special for others too.

So what are you waiting for…?  Go add these 4 Christmas gifts to your holidays and share your wonderful memories with us! Continuing these activities for every holiday will make them family traditions and reinforce the things that weaves the family together. Love, joy, making, creating, working together, making memories will ensure the children remember and value them.

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