Our range of DIY art kits and fun tutorials will inspire kids and explore the Joy of Creation

Product Talk

“My Pet Project is a creative toy that you can gift your child this Christmas. This kit comes with a cotton stuffed dinosaur/unicorn toy that can be designed and painted upon to create a personalized toy. The box comes with fabric paints, palette, brushes and even design template to pre-design ideas.” – Sophia’s Art Supply Review

Tiny Tutorials

Try these super-easy crafts for kids & send us pictures too.

How adorable are these DIY Buzzing Bees!

Let your imagination go wild with numbers.

Get crafty this week and make these super-easy origami finger-puppet birds.

Here’s a new friend for your favorite book. Try this origami fox bookmark and have fun.

Try this easy lazy sloth.

Spin a web and hangout with Spidey, this spooky season.

How about a magical pony puppet play pal to tell stories!

Now you see me, now you don’t. Try this super-fun and easy craft with your child.

Have fun creating these DIY stickers! Make them in all sizes and shapes as you wish.

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