Atharv is a 6yr old and loves making art. His favourite medium is pen and has his own style of doodling. He often used art to tell stories(the ones he sees and the ones he reads). Apart from drawing he loves playing the piano. Read more



Suchi is a very expressive , friendly and empathetic kid ! Born with heart thumb she spreads love wherever she goes…if you happen to ask her favorite color then it would be rainbow. She is a chatterbox, loves reading books and always curious to learn and explore about everything loves making her own rhymes and stories. Read more



Kamakshi is 6 years old, holds record in India Book of Records for exhibiting her art work at the age of 5. Her first art project was for Red FM. An award winning author considers her as art prodigy for which he has written a chapter about her in his latest book, The Life of a Z. She was honored with Naari Shakti Awards in 2018. Read more



Riddhima is an enthusiastic and very creative 6 years old girl. Her Passion for art &craft started at the age of 2. She has attended many workshops regarding the same. She has participated and also winner in many painting competitions. She enjoys clay art,pencil Sketch,doddling,quilling etc. Read more



This design is made by our young artist, ‘Keshav’ , a 6yr old budding artist. Keshav is an artistic kid with a creative bent of mind. He is able to think up very unique designs for our collections.



A box of crayons can keep Dhruv occupied for hours. We bought dhruv his first colouring book when he was a year old. He usually enjoyed colouring outside the lines and made his own art. He didn’t like ‘copy colouring’ books, why should he copy what someone else had coloured? We encouraged his creativity. A year later he liked drawing books more than colouring books. There’s nothing like a blank sheet of paper and your imagination. As we made our way through a stack of A4 paper we knew that Dhruv had his own style of illustration. Bold strokes and an eye for detail. When he was four years old, Dhruv participated in two contests held by The Talking Canvas. His work was shortlisted in the first and he won the second. Dhruv was happy to see his art on a t-shirt and wanted to keep drawing. Dhruv is now five years old, he loves any kind of stationery, is amazed by how cello tape works and loves making things with boxes. We are happy that he is a featured artist with The Talking Canvas, where his talent is recognised.



Saachi is a 7 yr old girl. She likes to do drawing and make differnt types of doodles. She is always excited to see her drawing on The Talking Canvas tshirt.



Nirvan is an imaginative child who loves to doodle about the things he has just started to see and explore. He immerses himself for hours doodling and colouring dinosaurs, cars and people around him. He is excited and over the moon to be a part of the talking canvas.



Aryaveer is a 6.5 year old naughty boy in 2nd grade. He loves to read books, travel and also make his own creations using lego blocks. He also loves to play the paino, draw and paint in his free time. His latest interest is to learn more about all living things ( especially insects). He would like to be an entomologist when he grows up! He really enjoyed creating the Bee themed doodle due to his love for insects.



Adyaashree has been a creative kid since she was 3 years old. With calmness she sat at the windowsill and drew nature and doodled caricatures. Today, when she is 7 years old, she is smart enough to paint with minimum elements exhibiting maximum expressions. Her best achievement yet includes getting her drawing selected for NASA’s 2020 calendar.


Deepti Anna Biju is our 10yr old artist. She has always been inclined towards art and used to draw beautiful illustrations at a very young age playing pictionary. She loves loves singing and has won many accolades in her school and church. She is also part of the famous KIARA kids senior chorale. In addition, she also composes her own songs and makesinteresting short movies.
She has been drawing for us from the age of 9 and loves seeing her art on our products. Deepti is one amazingly talented kid and does a lot of illustrations on her own.


Annabelle is a 11 year old budding artist. She is fondly called as Anna or Cookie. In her young age, she has already travelled quite a lot including Malawi, in Africa. She loves painting and sketching and has done several artworks to her credit. Anna is equally good at music too. She is part of her church choir and sings soulfully. In addition, she is learning to play the violin and piano. She loves pets and wishes to have a dog some day.
Anna has been sharing her artwork with us since when we started experimenting our concept and her artwork is loved by our customers. Infact, her signature is so pretty that we have retained almost it as it is! She feels thrilled seeing her artwork on our apparel and is looking forward to seeing more of them.


Aditeya Goyal is a 11 year old who is extremely talented. His mom, Jyoti encourages him a lot with his talent and they as a family are extremely delighted to have become part of The Talking Canvas family.

Aditeya is an intelligent boy with an all-rounder personality. He loves to sing , dance and play the keyboard. He loves doodling and our design team has a tough job of keeping up his artwork as we have a slower turn around! His mom believes that doodling is like meditation to Aditeya and it makes him joyous . Along with being an abacus genius , he’s a karate kid too! In addition, reading and writing stories makes him happy and he’s always ready to help others . Aditeya aspires to become an automobile engineer and settle in Germany. Is there any stopping this wonder kid? We are sure he is going to rock..


Ansh is a 10yr old multi-talented kid. He loves drawing, reading and is equally good at music too. He is a huge pokemon fan and even has his own pokemon handbook from which he has made tons of pokemon illustrations! He has a companion in Frappe, his 6 yr old doggie friend with whom he shares a unique bond. Ansh loves Frappe and dogs in general. He is also a powerhouse of dog-related knowledge and trivia and is a wannabe veteneranian!
Ansh loves being challenged with different themes and he can draw up some really unique drawings. He is thrilled to see his own art and signature on our products and is our regular customer too!

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