Five Ways To Instill Creative Confidence In Your Kids

Many of us assume that creative children are born that way and that, not everyone, is geared to be creative. Truth is that every single child is intrinsically creative by nature. And with a few key insights, we, the adults in their lives can nurture it too. Here are the top five ways to instill creative confidence in your kids:

1) Cut down on phone and TV time
Many parents make the mistake of allowing televisions and smartphones to act as babysitters. You may enjoy the luxury of some quiet time while your child spends hours enthralled by cartoons. However, it prevents them from creating their own universe in their imaginations. Therefore, cut down on TV time and allow them to view it only for an hour or two every day.

2) Make space for play
When your kids get creative, they’re bound to make a mess. Therefore, allow them to have a designated play area where they can play alone or with their friends.

3) Exhibit their work
When your children make something they’re proud of, give them the opportunity to exhibit it. You can frame their best works, create a gallery wall, etc. Take it a step further and ask them to submit their best artwork that could get selected and be included in our collection!

4) Encourage individuality
Too many rules can hinder the natural playfulness of a child. Instead, allow them to express their individuality. Some children may express their tastes through cooking or redecorating their rooms, while others may have a knack for gardening or dressing up. If your children are budding fashionistas, ask them to buy one of a kind T-shirts from The Talking Canvas with artwork by kids on it! If they want, they can try submitting some of their work too!

5) Share your interests
One of the most effective ways to encourage creativity is by sharing your interests with your kids. You can share your favourite music with them or ask them to join your sketching and dance sessions.

Now that you’re armed with these effective suggestions, which one are you planning to implement first? How about having a discussion with your kids to get their views on it? We have a feeling this is going to be a smashing success!

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