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My Book of Crazy Doodles

Unlock Your Child's Imagination with Our Doodle Kit for Kids

Encourage CREATIVITY and SELF-EXPRESSION with our doodle book for kids: activity pages, hours of fun, development of fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and self-esteem. Order now and give your child the perfect tool to unleash their creativity.

With over 30 inspiring prompts and projects, this book aims at:

Creativity 1 2

Encouraging creativity and self-expression

Tap the hidden pool of creativity by providing your children with a guided canvas to let their imagination run wild and create whatever they want.

Problem solving 2 1

Enhancing problem-solving abilities

As kids draw, they may encounter challenges or obstacles they need to overcome, such as creating a specific shape or figure. This can help develop problem-solving skills.

Self esteem 3 1

Boosting self-esteem

When your children create something, they take pride in their work and feel a sense of accomplishment. This can boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Motor skills 4 1

Development of fine motor skills

Doodling and drawing require the use of small muscles in the hands and fingers, which can help improve dexterity and coordination.

Vocabulary 5 1

Acquiring a Visual Vocabulary

To map their ideas, children experiment, imitate, & explore stuff when doodling, helping them communicate their ideas through art.

Calm activity 6 1

Providing a calming activity

Doodling and drawing can be relaxing and meditative activities that can help children feel calm and focused.

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features of book

Features of the Kit

My Crazy Book of Doodles is a 50-page book power packed with 30+ creativity prompts and projects that will help your children learn and observe things around them and to be able to capture their ideas on paper in a step-by-step manner.

30+ Prompts & Projects for guided steps toward developing artistic skills

Art supplies designed to help children turn their doodles into beautiful works of art

Fun activities like pattern making, creating doodle art, and prompts to create original art

Filled with creative inspiration and ideas for children to continue their doodling journey


What Other Parents Are Saying

Nandini Aayush's Mother

"I highly recommend this doodle book for any parent looking for an engaging and educational activity for their child. The book keeps my child busy for hours"

Suresh Bhavya's Father

“As a father, the best part for me is when my child comes to be all excited with her drawings and shows me. With just a little validation, she is ready to create her next doodle even better.”

Aarti Anjali's Mother

"I've seen a huge improvement in my child's drawing skills since they started using this doodle book. Would surely buy the next one too."

    Rekindle your Child’s Creative Spirit

    General FAQs

    A doodle book is a book that contains blank pages for children to fill with their own drawings, doodles, and designs. It's an excellent tool for encouraging creativity and self-expression. My Book of Crazy Doodles contains prompts & guides for doodling, art supplies to bring creative ideas to life, and fun ideas to help children capture their ideas on paper in a step-by-step manner.

    This Doodle Art Kit is the perfect art activity for 5+ yr old kids. This activity can be enjoyed across ages including teens.

    Our doodle book starts off with simple warm-up sessions to improve flexibility, followed by a series of activities that stretch imagination and creativity. Each activity aids in the thinking process. The idea behind the book is to guide children to engage their minds, think out of the box, and capture their thought on paper in a creative manner.

    My Book of Crazy Doodles covers over 30 inspiring prompts and projects, with the aim to get the creative juices flowing in your children by engaging them in a step-by-step manner.

    We don't have a return policy on this kit. However, if the kit reaches you in a damaged condition, please reach out to us with images and we will ship a new kit across at no additional cost.

    Our Doodle Book can have various long-lasting benefits for your child. Some specific areas where our Doodle Book can be advantageous for your child include:
    • Encouraging creativity and self-expression
    • Enhancing problem-solving abilities
    • Boosting self-esteem
    • Development of fine motor skills
    • Acquiring a Visual Vocabulary
    • Providing a calming activity

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