Art has the power to change lives and revolutionize the future. It provides kids an opportunity to imagine, express and create. We want kids to lead the way in an uncertain world and become thinkers and change catalysts of tomorrow while enjoying play based learning.

Suchi Art Our Story

Our Story

Two years ago, Sisters, Anusha and Gisha Stephen combined their passion for art and creativity to create a unique experience for kids to imagine, create, learn and share. As kids, they both experienced the joy of expressing themselves through art and creating a bunch of things with everyday resources. This experience has always guided how they approach life as well. They realized the importance of art education and having seen first-hand, its importance in creative development and growth.

We believe creativity is the most essential future skill and we are here to help your kids along on this journey. We educate and empower kids with our engaging content, creativity programs, creativity challenges and DIY Kits. In addition, we also want to inspire our little creators by showcasing their creativity on our range of ‘designed by kids’ merchandise!

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The Talking Canvas is a creativity based brand. Our ultimate goal is to assist kids to become self-aware and creative by expressing themselves through art. In a nutshell, we let kids create magic with art and we supply the canvas. The name ‘The Talking Canvas’ was coined for precisely this reason.

We love being able to put a smile on the faces of young kids when they draw or paint without a care in the world. What is even better is seeing the happiness on the faces of our young artists when they see their artwork on our range of ‘Designed by Kids’ merchandise.

Art For Everyone

We believe in giving back and creating a community of young artists/designers and customers to provide art education or supplies to underprivileged kids. For this reason, we have set aside a % of our profits towards this cause. Art is for everyone and we intend to do our bit. Parents and customers who work with us or buy from us, know that they are part of a cycle of creativity which impacts marginalized sections too.

Our Story

Anusha Stephen

Co-Founder & CEO

Anusha is a Human Resource Professional and an amateur artist by passion. She brings her love for art and creativity into the business by helping kids become ‘creators’. She loves the process of creation and problem solving, which has helped her move up the ranks in her corporate career.

She has worked with leading Indian corporates like TCS and Wipro, in addition to consulting with various clients. Her extensive experience in competency frameworks and OD, has helped her understand the need for creativity at the workplace and find ways to enhance creativity. She has a management degree and was part of the Women Start Up Program at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

She is a certified scuba diver, passionate traveler and artist.

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Gisha Stephen

Co-Founder & Design Head

Gisha is a designer with over two decades of design experience. She was always passionate about design and started her career in graphic design. She worked with advertising agencies and has created some of the best advertisements for her clients.

She has always been a supporter of art education and has used various play-based concepts, while raising her daughter. It is through this experience that she wanted to create products and experiences to enhance creativity for kids. It is her belief that providing the right environment and access to resources will help kids explore themselves and learn concepts in a more interesting way.

Gisha is a big movie buff who has practically watched every movie there is to watch! She loves creating and has made some beautiful craft items.

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