Bangalore, India

Rewards : 1060

Aditeya Goyal is a 11 year old who is extremely talented. His mom, Jyoti encourages him a lot with his talent and they as a family are extremely delighted to have become part of The Talking Canvas family.

Aditeya is an intelligent boy with an all-rounder personality. He loves to sing , dance and play the keyboard. He loves doodling and our design team has a tough job of keeping up his artwork as we have a slower turn around! His mom believes that doodling is like meditation to Aditeya and it makes him joyous . Along with being an abacus genius , he’s a karate kid too! In addition, reading and writing stories makes him happy and he’s always ready to help others . Aditeya aspires to become an automobile engineer and settle in Germany. Is there any stopping this wonder kid? We are sure he is going to rock..

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