4 Dhruv SML


Bangalore, India

A box of crayons can keep Dhruv occupied for hours. We bought dhruv his first colouring book when he was a year old. He usually enjoyed colouring outside the lines and made his own art. He didn’t like ‘copy colouring’ books, why should he copy what someone else had coloured? We encouraged his creativity. A year later he liked drawing books more than colouring books. There’s nothing like a blank sheet of paper and your imagination. As we made our way through a stack of A4 paper we knew that Dhruv had his own style of illustration. Bold strokes and an eye for detail. When he was four years old, Dhruv participated in two contests held by The Talking Canvas. His work was shortlisted in the first and he won the second. Dhruv was happy to see his art on a t-shirt and wanted to keep drawing. Dhruv is now five years old, he loves any kind of stationery, is amazed by how cello tape works and loves making things with boxes. We are happy that he is a featured artist with The Talking Canvas, where his talent is recognised.

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