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We at The Talking Canvas offer a one of a kind creativity platform for kids to aid in developing creativity through art and craft. We want to take your kids to a magical place where their imagination can come alive, their creative capacities can be developed and we give them a platform to express and showcase their creativity.

DIY Kits

  • DIY Christmas Nativity KitNativity Design 4
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  • Sale! Christmas DIY KitChristmas DIY Kit 2
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  • Sale! Creative Lantern DIY KitCreative Lantern
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  • Postcard DIY KitPostCard 3
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Your little one comes up to you and shows the scribbled masterpiece they painted.  You observe their smile and respond by patting …

Note: Printmaking is an artistic process of transferring images from matrix to surfaces. The process involves various complexities. However, in this blog, …

Have you ever watched your little one having a blast with fingers dipped in paint?  You notice the mess they’ve created with …

Art is the developer of the 5 senses, it helps you to work on your senses progressively and a child that is …

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