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We at The Talking Canvas offer a one of a kind creativity platform for kids to aid in developing creativity through art and craft. We want to take your kids to a magical place where their imagination can come alive, their creative capacities can be developed and we give them a platform to express and showcase their creativity.

Our creativity programs will help kids imagine, visualize, think out of the box and express their ideas!

Our DIY Art Kits are created to spark imagination in kids and help them have fun with the entire creation process. 

Check out our range of fun, unique and quirky t-shirts and hoodies made with premium cotton fabric! Available in 2-10 yr sizes!!

Who's Talking

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Atharv is a 6yr old and loves making art. His favourite medium is pen and has his own style of doodling. He often used art to tell stories(the ones he sees and the ones he reads). Apart from drawing he loves playing the piano. Read more



Suchi is a very expressive , friendly and empathetic kid ! Born with heart thumb she spreads love wherever she goes…if you happen to ask her favorite color then it would be rainbow. She is a chatterbox, loves reading books and always curious to learn and explore about everything loves making her own rhymes and stories. Read more



Kamakshi is 6 years old, holds record in India Book of Records for exhibiting her art work at the age of 5. Her first art project was for Red FM. An award winning author considers her as art prodigy for which he has written a chapter about her in his latest book, The Life of a Z. She was honored with Naari Shakti Awards in 2018. Read more



Riddhima is an enthusiastic and very creative 6 years old girl. Her Passion for art &craft started at the age of 2. She has attended many workshops regarding the same. She has participated and also winner in many painting competitions. She enjoys clay art,pencil Sketch,doddling,quilling etc. Read more



Keshav is a 6yr old budding artist. He is an artistic kid with a creative bent of mind. He is able to think up very unique designs for our collections. He loves to doodle and is always eager to present to The Talking Canvas. Art is his passion since 5 yrs old. Read more

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